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Product Details

Name: HCPV module
Model: MK-1X HCPV
Specifications: 64in × 11in (1.61m ×0.28m)
Tel: 86-0755-82520108
E-mail: myd@ecotech-sz.com.cn

Product Introduction


1、Product Discription


Ecotech’s HCPV modulemodel Mk-1X, adopts the third generation of solar cells three-junction Gallium Aresenide (GaAs) chip of Spectrolab as a core power generation component, which is the world's highest efficiency of similar products.  Spectrolab Inc., a Boeing Company, is the world's largest manufacturer of solar energy product development and production.


Cell Efficiency


Max. power rating (Pmax)

102 W

Open circuit voltage (Voc)

19.4 V

Short circuit current (Isc)

6.8 A

Rated voltage (Vmp)

15.8 V

Rated current (Imp)

6.5 A

Maximum system voltage

600 V


1,614 mm








Aluminum, Glass fiber plastic

Operating Temperature Range

-40 °C to +50 °C

Temperature Coefficients - Open circuit voltage (Voc)

-27.0 mV / °C

Temperature Coefficients - Short circuit current (Isc)

+ 4.3mA / °C

Temperature Coefficients - Maximum power rating (Pmax)

-0.1%/ °C


CE (UL pending)

Lens Hail Test

1 inch hail at 55 mi/hour

Life time

25 years

Testing Conditions:  AM 1.5, 25 °C, 1000 W/m²

3、HCPV Module Test


By using refractive concentrator technology and optimizing design, Mk-1X high-concentrating photovoltaic module can minimize the loss of sunlight.  The concentrating capacity can be achieved to 500:1. Mk-1X module consists of 6 HCPV modules.  Each module uses a Fresnel lens array to attract the sunlight evenly focus to the 3J GaAs high efficiency solar cell of Spectrolab. 

Ecotech has self-developed core HCPV module production and testing technology. The power generation system consists of dozens to hundreds of Mk-1X high-concentrating photovoltaic module combination.  After placing a tracker, it will closely track the position of the sun and convert direct sunlight into electrical energy.  HCPV module is suitable for photovoltaic power generation station installed at the place with sufficient sunshine.