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Product Details

Name: led intelligent lighting control system
Model: led intelligent lighting control system
Specifications: led intelligent lighting control system
Tel: 86-0755-82520108
E-mail: myd@ecotech-sz.com.cn

Product Introduction


        Product Description:

         Ecotech LED intelligent lighting .And “your dream lighting,create harmony in life' design concept.Add Transition lighting and Dimming effect functions.Ecotech LED intelligent lighting focuses on human-oriented approach to make lighting more comfortable with smooth dimming effect.

        Through dimmer switch

        Dimming effect can be set through dimmer switch board. The dimming and switch status are recognized by energy bars and breathing lights display. The switch is equipped with power line communication and wifi communication function.So you just control the light using only for fingers.The light will switch on/off, and adjust as it moves to wireless control.The upgraded version performs WAN remote control.



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