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Product Details

Name: Luxurious Street Light Series
Model: Ecotech-LSL-Series
Specifications: 90w/120w/180w
Tel: 86-0755-82520108
E-mail: myd@ecotech-sz.com.cn

Product Introduction




•Innovative Design with better heat dissipation, higher luminous efficiency and better return

•Patented design, better heat dissipation with large dissipation area and low light degradation;

•The ideal vertical airflow exchange makes less dust or debris accumulated and to maintain good heat dissipation sustainably;

•IP67 high protection level and able to perform well in the cold and diving environment;

•Overall optimization of the design, assembly process is simple and easy to maintain;

•Flat surface with arc shape in golden ratio, luxurious and elegant;

•Ultra-thin flat-panel structure, small size, light weight;

•High efficient heat dissipation, high PF value, high IP protection, high reliability and cost-effective. 

2、Light distribution curve and illuminance diagram

3、Specification and replacement solution


•Main and secondary roads, squares, stadiums, etc.



•Bridgelux high lumen output LED chips, Aluminum, PMMA high transparency shade 


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