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OSAC New Energy (Hunan) Co., Ltd. held it’s inaugural shareholders



        meeting on November 25, 2011. The Inaugural general meeting was held in Hunan Electric Power Survey and Design Institute. Individuals present at the meeting included The Advisory Commission, the chairman Mr. Chen Bingjie, Mr. Liu Zhibin, CEO Mr. Lin Yongjie. During the meeting the board of directors were appointed:

        Miss Xiao Jianhua Chief Financial Officer;

        Ms. Fu Jing Xi Division General Manager

        Mr. Luo Wenjun as general manager in charge of controlling electrical Division

        Mr. Ma Yadong as general manager in charge of LED Lighting Division

        Mr. Xiang Zuozhu as division vice president in charge of controlling electrical

        Mr. Yuan Jiande as division vice president in charge of comprehensive

        Miss Wu Dan as Assistant     

       All directors unanimously adopted the newly established Department of New Energy (Hunan) Co., organizational structure. Also, the operating budget, goals, and the purchase of Ryuhei Changsha High-tech Park land for future development and production establishment were decided.     

       In the afternoon, leaders of all levels as well as representative of electricity and directors of staff on the 21st floor in the institute held a staff meeting for Hui-Chen company. Chairman Mr. Chen Bingjie, CEO Mr. Lin Yongjie and director Liu Zhibin led the conference. The new CEO made an important speech on behalf of the Board of Directors express his sincere gratitude to everyone involve in the Company's development and reform contribution. While the new layout as well as the company's business objectives will put forward new demands for everyone, unity will result in success. Synchronization within the company will lead to innovations and breakthroughs. That combined with our integration of the new resources and business direction will lead the company to a new platform in modern, large-scale, specialization and internationalization of new energy.     

       Finally, the chairman stated, “I hope my colleagues to work together, work hard, and help the company grow bigger and stronger.


The first shareholders' meeting

Founded staff meeting

Opening ceremony

the chairman Mr. Liu Zhibin

Mr Michael Lam