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Xu Hui New Energy (Asia) Limited in Golmud City, Qinghai Province, signed a 100 MW photovoltaic powe



        In October 2011, Xu Hui New Energy (Asia) Limited and Golmud in Qinghai Province Xu Hui municipal government signed a new contract with (Asia) Limited Golmud for 100 MW HCPV solar power plant project.       

       Golmud City in Qinghai Province has an abundant of solar energy resources, suitable for the development and construction of a large-scale solar power generation project. Xu Hui New Energy Co., Ltd. is the result of an tripartite joint venture between Asia, America and Hong Kong's new energy high-tech companies. The new company holds advantages in areas of development in new energy industry technology, talent and capital. All parties benefit from common development principles and the development and construction of high concentrating photovoltaic power generation projects in Golmud City    

        The project photovoltaic power plant construction is in Golmud State Road 109 East exit solar photovoltaic industrial park (N 36 º 23'0 .8 "E 95 º 13'44 .70" neighborhood). Concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) systems with precision optics to focus sunlight on solar triple junction gallium arsenide ( 3J GaAs) wafer photovoltaic power generation capacity of the condenser 500 times. High concentrating photovoltaic power generation system is recognized worldwide as the most environmentally friendly and most efficient photovoltaic systems. CPV is the future trend in development of PV. All around the world people have started applying this technology to produce green electricity. Xu Hui’s new energy power station in Asia is an investment in the international environmental protection market. New enterprises can now actively respond to the national call of, Investment in northwest of China, the PV industry, green development and contribute to the development of clean energy.        

       The Golmud project has capacity of 100MW, and it will be completed in multiple stages. In 2012, the first stage began with the construction of 50MW, with an estimated total investment of about 20 billion yuan. The project construction land has been provided by Golmud city government, economic and development Reform Commission, the Housing and Urban Construction Bureau, Forestry Bureau, Water Conservancy Bureau, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, and The Land and Resources Bureau.        

       Xu Hui New Energy (Asia) Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman and CEO Michael WK Lam announced, “we will be in the Southwest, Northwest sunlight resource-rich region investing in high concentrating photovoltaic power plant for China's new energy business.”