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Ecotech cooperation with the Jinjian city government



        In May 2011, Ecotech Environmental Technology Development Jinjiang Branch Company and Jinjian city government Energy Investment Co., Ltd. cooperated to commence a solar roof project for the City Administrative Service Center Exhibition Hall.       

       The total installed capacity is of 408.24KWp, with a 593,139.60 average annual generation of electricity. With nearly 600,000 kWh of electricity per year, means a service life of 25 years, with a total generating capacity of 14,828,490 degrees, the energy-saving benefits of this project can reduce the amount of coal used by 5338.26 tons, carbon dioxide emissions by 14,199.77 tons, 32.56 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions. This combined with 25 years of life as well as existing tariff standards, may save more than 18 million yuan in electricity cost.      

       Jinjian City, Fujian Golden Triangle is a set of open economic zones, the famous hometown of Chinese and Taiwan compatriots is one of the main ancestral city. Currently, Jinjian City is forming large-scale solar photovoltaic power generation systems. Since, Jinjian area has good solar radiation conditions, combined with the development of the current macroeconomic situation changes, new energy is a beneficial investment for the city. It is the city's interest to promote high-tech industries, overall environmental protection, energy saving, and emission reduction work. These interest can lead to good social benefits and at the same time also reflect the Government’s determination in paying attention to environmental protection and energy conservation issues.       

       Ecotech Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd. Shenzhen division, represented by general manager  Mr. Ma Yadong told the media: 

        “The Golden Sun demonstration projects, a national photovoltaic power generation project, in Jinjian city will be in strict accordance with national requirements of achieving a higher standard of energy and construction.”