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Taiwan and Mainland China LED Industries Reach an Agreement on Specifications



LED lighting industry alliances in Taiwan and Mainland China yesterday came to an agreement on a series of specifications for LED lighting products in the next two years.

The Cross-Taiwan Strait Agreement is to unify standards of LED light-emitting modules and other important components used to make LED lighting products, the Taiwan LED Lighting Industry Alliance (TLLIA) said.

At the press conference, TLLIA chairman Chien Fen-ren said that in these years, LED lighting products have been specified by a variety of standards set by manufacturers themselves, so consumers could not tell the difference between all the LED lighting products shown to them. Unified specifications and standards would enable LED lighting product manufacturers to develop their own products in a relatively short period of time, while consumers would reduce a lot of trouble and loss due to the simple LED product specifications.

China Solid State Lighting Alliance and the Guangdong Provincial Government yesterday signed a letter of intent at the Display Taiwan trade expo in Taipei. According to the TLLIA, more than 75% of LED lighting products are manufactured in China’s Guangdong Province. The letter of intent means a good start for the development of LED lighting products in Taiwan and Mainland China.