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The Global Demand for LED Commercial Lighting in 2013 to Reach US $1.059 Billion




According to the report from Taiwan Central News Agency, research institutes forecast that the global demand for LED commercial lighting (including office, retail store, hotel, etc.) in 2013 will reach $ 1.059 billion, a substantial increase of 50% over 2012.

In accordance with reports, in view of the commercial lighting market, Japan, Europe and America, Mainland China and emerging markets such as Vietnam and Thailand have actively promoted the LED commercial lighting and released large amounts of orders.

In addition, the lighting manufacturers in America improve the layout of LED lighting market this year, and the penetration rate is constantly rising. If the market visibility of the second quarter can be kept to June and July, the LED lighting market momentum in this year is highly anticipated.

It is reported that the merger of Lextar and WELLYPOWER Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. gradually produce synergy, in view of lighting applications, the new generation of lamps and lighting elements are the growing momentum, lighting components from European brands achieved a growth more than double monthly, and the high-end lamps and flat lamp lights have been continuously shipped to Japan and Europe, the revenue of Lextar in May is 1.32 billion NTD, an monthly increase of 6.6%, and annual growth of 56%, it becomes the second largest packaging manufacturer in Taiwan.